Join me on my journey! Let us unwrap the treasures of the mind and consciousness all hidden under thick layers of limiting beliefs, self-doubt, unawareness and consumption. Hold my hand as we reach our true potential and highest selves together!

I write and give talks about how to manage life crisis, expose happiness from within, build healthy relationships and reveal the wisdom we as spiritual beings have.

I write passionately about these things because that is what I have survived…

Losing everything in business ventures and having to start from scratch!

How liberating! That’s when I found myself!

The search for happiness which landed me in unwanted places!

How ironic! It was then that happiness found me!

I was in constant search for answers. One day something strange literally popped into my head! It was one of the wisest things I ever experienced because it felt so right!

It lead me to YOU! Right here at The GoldMine Treasure.

Let’s interact, inspire and become the best we can be!

Let’s start digging!


The GoldMine Treasure

P:S: All the artistic pictures with quotes and statements found in each article on my blog were handwritten and then photographed by me. Please feel free to share them. I only ask that you refer me and make it known where you got them from.

Thank you.


Veronica, The Gold Mine