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Happiness Found Me - 5 undisputed Ways

Happiness Found Me - 5 undisputed Ways


Like the pressure in our blood, we fluctuate between the two.

How do we stay sane and avoid falling into a pool of negative emotions?

My idea of happiness has transformed over the past 10 years along with each cell in my body.

I remember back in college, becoming a lawyer, a doctor, working for international companies and business in general were the passports to well-paid jobs and happiness of course.

The truth about real happiness was learnt the hard way.

When I turned 30, I looked back at my working life. I wasn’t pleased. The pursuit for happiness had landed me in unwanted places.

I realized happiness was nowhere to be found.

Happiness was within me. Always there. NOW

Finding gratitude in the NOW is the source of sincere happiness.

It’s easier said. Below are 5 ways showing how.


The past has gone along with its failures, anxiety and confusion. Do not identify yourself with it any longer and the future is uncertain.

All you really have for sure is NOW.

So be thankful for it. Making use of NOW to execute new decisions which benefit your health and relationships, is a wonderful gift.  It’s an amazing chance to have.

Be Grateful.

That brought a warm feeling to my heart and a smile on my face. Are you smiling with me?



“Today is mine to own!”

“This is my moment.”

“I have the opportunity to pave my own way towards my goals and aspirations.”

“I am creating future possibilities with the choices I make NOW.”

Saying those facts out loud, lifts me high! I become aware that the only thing I have power over is NOW.

I no longer have to compare myself to others. I know my time will come because I have NOW.

Before me is a piece of paper from which I can create anything.


Finding liberation in NOW, makes me happier. Does it do the same for you?



I am at peace with myself. I have a roof over my head and food to feed my family (just to mention a few).

No matter what you have lost, being thankful for the little you have goes a long way.

It’s not enough just to think about it.

Writing down what you are grateful for gives you the experience of thankfulness, hence that’s what you become, thankful.

I had lost a lot in my past when our business hit rock bottom. I was totally unhappy because I felt I had lost a part of me, my identity.

Do not identify yourself with your status, possessions or even your emotions.

They come and they go.

Embrace only what serves you, enjoy the pure pleasure it may bring, be grateful for the wonderful experiences and possibilities it gives you.

I am responsible for my moment now and don’t have to take part in the rat race. I function to pave my own way at my own pace.

That makes me feel relieved, happier with myself and worry less. How about you?



Being aware of this very moment and knowing that is what I truly have is an eye-opener on how to cherish relationships more.

Being caught up in the rat race, we tend to take our loved ones for granted and hold grudges with others.

Living only in the NOW and being thankful for it leads me to let go of the past and nurture relationships with those close to me.

No one knows what lurks in tomorrow. So pick up the phone and call your mother, visit your grandparents or make up with a friend you argued with the other time.

NOW is all that there is.  

That fills me with love and happiness. What about you?



Holding the feeling of gratitude for this moment within makes me feel fortunate. This triggers the need to share it with others through very simple acts of kindness.

It could be a compliment to a stranger – “I love the vibrant skirt you’re wearing, it reminds me of my homeland”,  opening the door for somebody or buying a sandwich for the homeless person you see every day on your way to work.

Genuine smiles from others, feeds my soul with happiness. What feeds your soul?


It is something we all know but seem to forget. Once you accept that NOW is all that there is and all that you really have, the important things in life are made clear…

Peace of Heart.  

All that is secondary falls into place naturally.

Acknowledging and being grateful for my NOW, has made me into a much happier person and can do the same for you. Have a go. Try NOW.