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Super Power Of Only The Successful - RESILIENCE

Super Power Of Only The Successful - RESILIENCE

You may be a student, a professional or an entrepreneur.

No matter who you are, we have all encountered severe adversities sometime in our lives.

The difference  between those that push through and those that give up is how they deal with their struggle. How resilient they are.

Behind the dark stormy clouds, shines the Sun…and that is a fact.

RESILIENCE is the ability to fall and bounce back up stronger and wiser.

That truly is a superpower worth developing. Sooner or later, success is certain.

Some of the world’s most successful figures built their empire on resilience.  

Here are 3 ways how…


Capture a time in the past when you were a child or teenager…

Think of a situation when you wanted something so badly (it doesn’t have to be material) or survived a painful experience.

For example,

that new Barbie doll or Action figure. I literally harassed my mother for over a month before she bought me one. I wasn’t taking no for an answer! (It wasn’t the original Barbie doll, but I was happy nevertheless).


that dreadful test you so struggled at and eventually passed! I stalked my Physics teacher at school for him to give me a 3rd and final chance to take the test again!


The passing away of a loved one.

Hold on to that memory for a minute…

What measures did you take to finally get your way or recover?

What qualities helped you?

What beliefs helped you get through?

Who supported you? How?

Take note of you answers.

Notice how determined you were as a child?

The most resilient are like children who never really grow up. A stubborn but playful and curious spirit.

That simple reminder of your accomplishments, empowers you to keep pushing through SETBACKS, CHALLENGES and PAIN.

You now have solid evidence that you have succeeded before and you can do it again!




Developing the superpower of resilience demands you face the truth for what it is.

Don’t live in denial that things will just get better.


The passion with your partner on a scale of 5 is 2. Admit you’ve been together for so long that you don’t do all those romantic things anymore. Thinking love should be enough and that passion will return from thin air, will see your relationship on the rocks.

Your business is not attracting new clients. Acknowledge that you have a poor marketing strategy. Notice your products/services are below satisfactory. Hoping next Summer will bring better results will leave you bankrupt.

Once you consciously accept the truth, you are forced to DO SOMETHING about it!.

IMPLEMENT CHANGE into your relationship, your marketing strategy or your lifestyle.

If you want change, you must change yourself first.

The TRUTH will set you free!



Have you got a story to tell?

That story created by your life, your beliefs and experiences?

The one that explains why you started that business idea,

the one that reveals the secret behind your protest,

the one that defines your character (which only a few really understand).

It is THAT story which helps you get back on your feet again and again.

Starting out as a teacher, I wanted to help others and have a positive impact on their lives. I always noticed the children that were struggling on a personal level and showered them with words of motivation and inspiration. I even got them to learn the words to the song “I AM” by Will.I.AM. which we sang every Friday.

That is why I never succeeded in the IT business my husband and I set up. It was just not my calling. I didn’t even know the reason I got involved apart from making money. Biggest mistake.

Now, as a life coach, I write articles that inspire, raise awareness that we must be conscious beings capable of achieving whatever our minds can conceive and believe. 



The list on how to develop resilience could go on and on. Refer to my article “Turn Goals Into Results” for some more ideas.

Which of these not so obvious ways have you used to help you push through life's struggles.

No matter the magnitude, I would love to hear your stories!

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